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Murfreesboro, Tenn, United States


What your donation does:

While Chase was in the hospital we knew one day we would start a foundation to help others going through the same thing, as it was his spirit. After his passing we have concentrated efforts on raising funds for cancer research and grant wishes for first time and reoccurring cancer patients.

As a mom who sat beside a hospital bed for almost eight months, with very few nights at home, I know money, bills, worry and anxiety tend to add up. Worry alone for your child, exhausts you. Time crawls yet everything seems so out of control and needs to happen NOW. One tiny thing gone wrong, depletes your energy , leaving you unable to think or solve problems.

While helping other families it hit me what we wanted The Gr8t Chase to become. We had "adopted" a family who was having to live in Baltimore for months on end. The grass needed mowing, rains had flooded their shop, weeds were killing her landscape, and insurance was telling them they had to come home, yet that was the only hospital that specialized in their child's type of cancer. We wanted to fix it! All of it! Didn't this mom have enough to worry about without grass sending her over the edge?

We want to ease those types of burdens. To have our foundation swoop in, like Chase, and help someone carry that load.

Buy medicine when insurance says no and doctors say it's a matter of life and death.

Mow a lawn.

Build a ramp for the wheelchair they now have to have to enter their home since chemotherapy has taken the use of their legs.

Help purchase a tombstone worthy of their loved one, not just one they can afford.

We want to help carry those burdens and lift them off our fellow cancer and life-limiting illnesses families' shoulders and let them focus on what really matters; being strong for who needs them.

That is The Gr8t Chase's passion and mission.